These Core values are the guiding principles that dictate behaviour and action within our company. They are the essence of our identity and as much a part of our DNA as they were when we first started out. They define what we stand for and how we work. Freedom is a particularly important one for us which is just as well, given that our offices overlook a statue of William Wallace … a poignant reminder if ever one was needed!

We share these values with you here so that you know what we are about and because we are proud to operate by them.

The Steeple Stirling


At the very basic level, all business relationships are built on trust. We do not take this lightly, particularly when each and every one of our clients can leave us at any time. Don’t get us wrong, we wouldn’t have it any other way; we believe in what we have to offer. That doesn’t mean that we don’t work hard to earn that trust each and every day; we do. How? By being honest, fair, respectful, and most of all delivering on our promises. In short, we treat all of our clients the only way we know how.

The statue of Willian Wallace at the front of the Steeple Stirling


‘What will you do without freedom?’ is a line in that famous speech by William Wallace (you know the one from “Braveheart”). We believe that freedom is the key to delivering the best CRM application that we possibly can. This freedom extends to both our clients and employees and is central to the way that we work. For our clients, we never take away their freedom and the best demonstration of this is our no lock-in policy.

Meeting room within the Steeple Stirling


With freedom comes responsibility and for us this translates into having the knowledge to deliver and keep on delivering. Technology is constantly evolving and with it the ability to get smarter about the way we store and utilise data. ‘Big Data’ is the favoured term at the moment but who knows what will come next? Actually, we will because we make it our business to be knowledgeable which means that our clients can be confident that they will always remain ahead of the curve.

Great People

The SuiteCRM Office within the Steeple Stirling

Lots of companies will cite ‘good people’ as one of their core values. In this respect, we are no different but we choose to use ‘great’ as opposed to just ‘good’. What makes them so great? Aside from their obvious skills and experience, it is the fact that they love what they do and this makes them great to work with. It also means that we have a great working environment which in turn means that we can accomplish great things for you, our clients.