SuiteCRM is built on the foundations of an earlier open source project called SugarCRM. In 2013 SugarCRM announced that they would longer be involved in open source. So, we took over the project and renamed it to SuiteCRM. Since then, we've massively extended SuiteCRM and made it the great, world-leading product it is today.

SalesAgility is the name of the company behind SuiteCRM. SalesAgility has been building open source CRM solutions since 2005. We are deeply committed to open source and to our customers success in using SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM has evolved into the world-leading CRM that it is today through the commitment, talent and perseverance of thousands of developers, community members, partners and supporters throughout the world. Without this global community of backers, it wouldn't be possible to bring you the full glory of the world's best open source Customer Relationship Management application - SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM is a community. We'd be delighted to welcome you into our world.


Once upon a time there was SugarCRM Community Edition

Once upon a time there was SugarCRM Community Edition – not just a CRM product but a framework for building diverse and complex business processes. For reasons only known to them, in 2013 SugarCRM decided to abandon this space – no more support, no more updates. The End.

Once upon a time

That was just the beginning for us

That was the end of SugarCRM's open source involvement but was just the beginning for us. We added a huge amount of new functionality to SugarCRM Community Edition (300,000 lines of new code). We renamed the enhanced product. It's now called SuiteCRM. It's completely open source, every line and always will be. It's now the most powerful open source CRM available.

The Fairy Godmother

Our next goal is to make it the biggest

  • Biggest in numbers of users
  • Biggest in community size and dynamism
  • Biggest in active contributors
  • Biggest in heart and vision
The Giant

That heart and vision

That heart and vision has led us to develop our hosting application: SuiteCRM On-Demand. However, unlike SugarCRM, we are committed to occupying the open source software space. This is great news for all our customers because it means that we can continually improve and enhance our software to take advantage of the latest thinking and changing world dynamics. So whether SuiteCRM Open Source or On-Demand, you can be sure that you are accessing the best and soon to be the biggest..

The fairest in the land

We are here to stay!

We are very much alive, noisy, vibrant and kicking… and we are here to stay!

The Frog!!

We are here to help!

Open source is a game changer. It moves power from the supplier to the customer. The customer is in control. In this brave new world, only those suppliers that deliver customer excellence will survive. The good news is that SuiteCRM:OnDemand is built, from the ground up, to deliver service excellence.

We all live happily ever after