Frequently Asked Questions

We have done our best to tell you all about SuiteCRM On-Demand (not that we like to brag!). Just in case we have missed anything, we have put together a list of questions and answers to help fill in the blanks.

If we have still missed something, please feel free to contact us and let us know what is on your mind.

You simply need to go to the SuiteCRM:OnDemand enrolment page. You should have your credit card ready. We will take details about your company. Then enter your payment details. It's the same process as you go through buying any other goods and services on the Internet.
We guarantee 99.99% but comfortably exceed this. We'd never be arrogant enough to guarantee 100%. Even the biggest vendors have occasional problems and we are no different in that respect.
As soon as you enter your credit card details and they are accepted, the process begins. It normally takes about five minutes for our automated installation process to complete. Once it has completed, you will be sent your login details by email and you can start using the service.
No. The software will be installed and ready to go shortly after your payment has been processed. It is a standard installation of the software and is production ready.
All the servers are monitored by automated services that are constantly ensuring service availability. They are monitored and manned 24/7/365. If a server goes down, it will be restarted. There may be a short interruption to service while this happens.
You are in control. We can charge you quarterly or annually. Payments are automatically scheduled.
There are a number of ways to get support depending on your subsciption: SuiteCRM with telephone support a. You can call us b. You can send us an email c. You can use the support Portal d. You can use the support forums SuiteCRM without telephone support a. You can send us an email b. You can use the support Portal c. You can use the support forums
As long as your account is in credit, you can email us and we'll take backups and make them available to you.
The database and the application are backed up weekly. We can arrange more frequent backups but there are additional charges for this. Contact us if you wish to discuss this.
You do. It's one of the big advantages of open source. You're in control. You own your database and all the data in it and can get copies when you want it..
You do. As with the database, once you start using the software, you own it. You can get a copy of the software any time - as long as your account is in credit.
You do. This is your software and database. We are the custodians. You can get a copy of the software and database any time - as long as your account is in credit.
No. SuiteCRM:OnDemand does not allow access to the server except through a browser and only using HTTP protocols. This is for security reasons.
No. SuiteCRM:OnDemand is not designed for development use. You can make lots of changes including creating new fields and changing screen layouts from the Studio functionality. If you need to make software code changes, then you should consider a different hosting arrangement. Or, speak to us. We can make the changes and apply them to your instance.
We host with Digital Ocean who are one of the world's largest and most secure hosting companies. Their security credentials are state-of-the-art. You can find more details on their website.
Your data is located in the UK.
The biggest difference between SuiteCRM:OnDemand and most other hosting arrangements is ownership. With SuiteCRM:OnDemand, because it's open source, you own it. The database and the application. Of course, the application is enteprise-class, robust, performant, user-friendly, secure, highly-available and low cost. Do you need any other reasons?
There are excellent import functions that enable you to import from spreadsheets. If you have data in more complex formats such as databases, you can speak to us and we can import the data for you. This would be a chargeable service.
If you need to do customisations that are not available through Studio, you can speak to one of our partners or us. We know how to build software and modify SuiteCRM to meet even the most complex of business processes.
It's a simple per-user, per month fee. Which can be paid quarterly or annually.
We'd be sorry to see you go. But cancellation is simple. Let us know and we will cancel your subscription. We will let you know when your subscription will expire and will be happy to supply a backup of your data. We apply a thirty day cancellation policy.
New users can be added at the same rate as your standard subscription. Let our team know and we will add them on to you account. We do not penalise you for adding more users, but we do charge you a per user per month fee.
You don't need to buy any hardware or software. You don't need to install any software. SuiteCRM:OnDemand is available through a standard browser.
Because we are genuinely different. We're open source and client-centric. We know that if we don't deliver world-class hosting and support, our customers can go somewhere else. We don't forget that. Service is at the heart of everything we do.
You don't need to do anything to upgrade your software. If a new version is available, we upgrade it for you automatically.
Yes. There are many extensions that can be downloaded from the SuiteCRM website. Simply go to the admin panel in SuiteCRM to upload and install them.
You can get the Official SuiteCRM Outlook Plugin here